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2 min readJun 12, 2020

VeriDoc Analytics is currently accessible by all VeriDoc Global customers, it leverages verifiable data and blockchain technology to provide quality insights.

It is an exciting advance across our entire product line and we are building upon that success with more key features to be added in future with continued updates.

Product owners can view all data relating to their unique implementation of VeriDoc Global technology. It includes time and location stamps, sign-in data, access logs, device types used to scan QR codes and the frequency of QR code scans, the time of sessions, demographics, and this is only the beginning.

VeriDoc Analytics combines tools and data from technology partners such as AWS, Google Analytics, and VeriDoc Global’s proprietary technology to give our customers the highest standard in security and technological edge.

VeriDoc Analytics Key Features and Benefits

* Increase in Quality and Reliability.

* Data is immutable, verifiable and traceable ensuring quality and reliability.

* Product owners can access a range of tools and data that is not offered anywhere else.

* Data on the blockchain is immutable, secure and encrypted for the entire process.

* Product owners have control over who can view and access tools and reports.

*APIs can be developed to communicate directly with existing software.

*Product owners save time and money, due to low quality insights from unreliable data.

To see how your business can grow in a secure and trusted way, visit and our team can help you out.

Trusted data for accurate insights, VeriDoc Global Analytics.



VeriDoc Global

VeriDoc Global is a Quick Response (QR) Code verification solution using public-key cryptography and blockchain technology.