VeriDoc Global Documents Web App

As part of our ever-increasing product line, we are proud to announce VeriDoc Global Documents Web App.

It makes document verification simple for everyone, with no technical knowledge needed to use. We have developed a web-based application to secure documents and manage templates.

VeriDoc Global allows users to verify whether a document is genuine or fake by scanning a QR code on the document.

The web app is a stand-alone solution for document issuers. If they do not have any existing systems or software in place to verify whether or not the document you are looking at is the real, and hasn’t been changed or altered.

VeriDoc Global is a highly versatile application and can also be used to enhance and streamline your existing process.

Some key features include an immediate increase in Trust, Safety, and Security.

Users are guarded against fake documents by reducing risk and eliminating document fraud with our blockchain software solution.

Data on the blockchain is permanent, secure, and encrypted for the entire process.

Please check out our Developer Tool to access our library of APIs.

Our goal is to make document verification, simple to use and secure for everyone.

Don’t know you want to know the document you are signing is the real thing?

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VeriDoc Global is a Quick Response (QR) Code verification solution using public-key cryptography and blockchain technology.