VeriDoc Global Roadmap Achievement — APIs for On-Premise Verification.

As part of our ongoing improvements and roadmap success with the Developer Tool, VeriDoc Global are happy to announce success with on-premise verification pages for clients, which increases security and allows for complete control of the clients own data.

VeriDoc Global Developer Tool provides a TestNet (Sandbox) environment for clients to utilize our APIs to secure documents and data on the blockchain. On-premises APIs is another name for redirection type 2, which is integration for developer tool to redirect to an external URL after the verification is successfully executed.

This option allows our clients to host end pages that contains Document Details and the are documents held on their domains retaining complete control of their data and information.

After successfully integrating with the Developer Tool and using one of the integration types, clients can request integration with VeriDoc Global’s MainNet environment.

To move from the TestNet environment to the MainNet multichain environment, details will need to be discussed to enable a MainNet connection and a wallet created for you to track and manage your blockchain transaction costs.

From that point, you will be able to fund your wallet to start securing documents on the blockchain using VeriDoc Global’s APIs.

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