VeriDoc Global Supply Chain Solution.

VeriDoc Global Supply Chain Solution.

VeriDoc Global has developed a supply chain management verification system that offers transparency and integrity to supply chains.

This system improves the trust between stakeholders by leveraging one of the key features of blockchain. At its simplest, it just means an unchangeable object whose state cannot be modified after it is created.

That’s immutability, and blockchain is built upon it, creating a trusted platform like no other.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems worldwide have large gaps in their current systems in product traceability, resulting in inefficiencies and counterfeit products.

VeriDoc Global Supply Chain Solution has many key benefits.

* Traceability — The ability to trace a product from the source of origin right through to point of sale.

* Stopping Counterfeits — The ability for consumers to verify that a product is genuine before purchasing.

* Transparency — Identify any leaks in the distribution network.

* Data Analytics — We give Manufacturers the ability to gain insights to who, where, when and how many times a products are scanned.

* Product Recalls- Speed and accuracy in how recalls can be issued quickly at the batch level or individual item level.

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VeriDoc Global is a Quick Response (QR) Code verification solution using public-key cryptography and blockchain technology.